Bringing the Bajaj Fortune Brand Experience to Life in Guinea, Exp Nigeria built a custom made Wheel of Fortune Truck, complete with (1) a cinema experience (telling the Bajaj Boxer story), (2) a demonstration zone (to personally see and experience the Brand), (3) a 'show your power' experience (bringing to life the powerful attribute of the Bajaj Boxer) and (4) a 'Wheel of Fortune" experience where Consumers could spin the wheel to change their fortune (Either by winning a Boxer bike or any other gift coupons)

More the 40 towns and cities were targeted across Guinea, physically reaching more than 13,000 Consumers with a personal Bajaj Boxer Brand Experience.Over 5 million people were reached in Guinea via the air waves which rocked with our brand message for over 60 days.

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Exp were tasked to launch Monster Energy into the Nigerian market place, with the aim of creating excitement around the Monster Energy brand, immersing Nigeria Bottler Company (NBC) staff and top management into the world of Monster Energy, galvanise support of the NBC workforce for the brand and sample NBC staff. 2 Days of launch activities unfolded with Exp engaging more than 500 NBC staff members with Monster Brand experiences.

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Through a concept of "Shoot for the Stars", Exp Nigeria delivered an empowering event for the Nigerian Bottler Company, that enabled team to take ownership of the business plan and strive for excellence in execution across board.


To position the Bajaj RE 4S as superior to everything else that is available in Nigeria, Exp developed a 'Speed-to-Lead' experiential campaign that drove the the value proposition of Bajaj RE 4S as a better economical choice and a faster machine that is able to carry more load. 

The Live+ campaign reached more than 6,500 targeted leads and was leveraged to another 33,000 over the campaign period.


There are several champagne and cognac (sometimes vodka) brands in the alcoholic industry, in Nigeria, that are competing for the consumers’ wallet. The point of consumption - being the clubs - are prime locations that competition want to own. Creating an overwhelming experience that resonates with consumers is critical and Exp Nigeria delivered this for Hennessy through its 'Privilege' and 'Very Special' Nights campaign.


The IFC Lighting Africa program seeks to promote the use of Solar Powered lamps over traditional but potentialy harmful fosil fuels (kerosine, firewood, etc). The brief was for an activation at the NYSC Orientation camps in 3 states [Lagos, Nasarrawa and Rivers States] to engage with Corp members at which more than 2100 corners experienced 'The Light Zone' Brand Experience that delivered behaviour change messaging and product solutions to the target audience.

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